We have trusted relationships with some of the best geotechnical and environmental consultants working in the mining industry who are based in SE Queensland.

They include:

John Simmons is a geotechnical engineer of the highest rigour with deep geological understanding. He owns Sherwood Geotechnical and Research Services. John is a highly regarded geotechnical engineer with many practical publications to his name particularly in the area of open cut coal mining.


Ian Clark is a superb numerical modeller. He has degrees in material science and geology and consequently, brings profound understanding to his modelling. Ian knows the Itasca codes (FLAC, UDEC etc) inside out. He owns Geonet Consulting Group.


Leonie Bradfield, a mining engineer who has specialised in open cut geotechnical engineering. She worked for Thiess for many years, heading up the Brisbane office technical team. Her PhD was on spoil categorisation and getechnical characterisation for high dumps consisting of coal measures rocks. She is now the principal at Bradfield Mining Geotechnics. Her reputation means that she already has a very busy schedule.


John Bradley, principal of JBT Consulting is a groundwater expert whose work we have used on a number of projects. John is highly regarded in the industry.


Ross Smith, a leading aquatic biologist and ecotoxicologist and the best statistician I know. He and Andy Markham, a fluvial geomorphologist, own Hydrobiology an environmental company that operates throughout Australasia, Oceania and tropical Africa. Ross was  president of Science and Technology Australia in 2015.


















GTS has licenses various software packages. We do not claim to be experts in all of them but we can manipulate, process and analyse most of the digital data that is sent to us. Our business produces IP we do not abuse other people's IP by using unlicensed software.

Our licenses include:

Vulcan to generate, model, view and section 3D data. We acquired a license in April 2015 to more closely align us with what the majority of our clients are using and to be able to respond quickly to change ground conditions on site.


Datamine Studio EM, has superseded Downhole Explorer and is an exceptionally powerful yet easy to use program for producing publication quality plans and sections.


Surpac to generate, model, view and section 3D data.


MapInfo and Encom Discover3D, and, increasingly, the open source software QGIS for GIS in the field or in the office.


Sirovision for photogrammetric mapping of rock faces using hand held equipment.


GALENA, is our slope stability analysis limit equilibrium program of choice. It was developed specifically for the mining industry by BHP when such programs were uncommon. In its current version, Galena embodies a rare combination of simplicity, power and flexibility. You can view our simple introductory video to Galena on YouTube


The Rocscience suite of Slide2, RS2, RocData, Dips, RocTopple, Swedge, RocPlane, RocFall, Settle3D, RSPile. These are staple programs of any geotechnical office and we use them extensively.


Golden Software’s programs Didger, Strater, Grapher, Surfer and Voxler are superb for turning rocks into numbers. Grapher is particularly useful for creating scientific graphs. Surfer's gridding and analysis tools are superb and the product is becoming a powerful alternative to mainstream GIS for many tasks.


Canvas X, is an outstanding technical drawing, image processing and GIS program that is both powerful and easy to use (think CorelDraw on steroids). It is easy to create your own geo- textures and line styles consisting of any image you can imagine.